Bali Travel Guide: What to Do in Bali With Kids

Having kids doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun time in Bali. Enjoy your family moment by discovering all new things that Bali can offer. A fascinating tropical paradise on Earth is not only for grown-up travellers seeking an ultimate escape, but the eager adolescents can find their fun ways.

Here is 11 guides of what to do in Bali with kids:

  1. Say Hi to Monkeys in Ubud Forest
  2. Dine and Get a Thrill at The Bamboo Tree House
  3. Watch a Cultural Show
  4. Be Like an Astronaut at The Upside-Down House
  5. Take a Stroll in Seminyak
  6. Have a Taste of The Local Chocolate
  7. Go to Bali Zoo
  8. Play with Water at Waterbom Water Park
  9. Test The Adrenaline at Bali Treetop Adventure Park
  10. Have a Local Dinner at a Beachside Restaurant
  11. Learn How to Make a Beautiful Offering


1. Say Hi to Monkeys in Ubud Forest

fun at monkey forest ubud bali

Visiting the Sacred Ubud Monkey Forest is indeed a great way to introduce your children to nature. Here, the baby monkeys, as well as the mothers, love playing around and are very welcoming to the visitors. To make them crawl and jump on your kids’ shoulder, just hand over the furry creatures with some bananas. Be careful; they might bite you.


2. Dine and Get a Thrill at The Bamboo Tree House

bamboo tree house bali

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The following what to do in Bali – Indonesia for your kids is to gorge on delicious Balinese dishes with a green view at Temega Tree House in Karang Asem. If you find your kids very active, encourage them to stroll down the suspension bridge made of bamboo, from a tree house to another, and see the exotic paddy terraces. Children under three years old are not recommended to go for a thrill.


3. Watch a Cultural Show

tari kecak bali cultural show

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Associated with a strong tradition, Bali is a place highlighting cultural performances from varied dances, gamelan (Balinese musical instruments), to Barong (a story telling dance depicting a lion-like figure) show. All performers wear fascinating costume and headpiece. Watching the artistic show is an alternative to familiarize your children with the local thing. To enjoy that, just head to either Uluwatu or Ubud.


4. Be Like an Astronaut at The Upside-Down House

bali upside down world

image credit: @upsidedownworldbali

The children must be very excited when their dream of being an astronaut turns into reality. To experience a little “space explorer” adventure, go hit the Upside-Down House. Like its name, the house-looking museum has no gravity and incredibly looks upside down. It’s such a weird yet interesting experience to see the furniture over your head. Make sure to go with the whole family for never-ending fun.


5. Take a Stroll in Seminyak

seminyak bali strolling with kids

image source: @klimova.maria

If you plan to have your best what to do in Bali, escaping to Seminyak with your kids is a bright idea. Don’t have the idea what to do in Bali seminyak yet? The small city, just in the north of Kuta, is where all the life vibrancy begins – it’s brimming with fancy hotels, boutiques, world-class restaurants to coffees shops. Strolling down the main road and white sandy beach is an absolute fun to do – not to mention snacking on the delicious ice-cream.


6. Have a Taste of The Local Chocolate

big tree farms bamboo house chocolate factory

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drinking chocolate inchocolate factory

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There is nothing good other than letting your chocoholic kids join in an exciting “chocolate” trip and take a bite off the sweet brown delicacy at the famed Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory. It’s time for them to discover their fantasy world, as well as witnessing how the tastiest chocolate bars are made. Additionally, having fun in the bamboo theme house, situated 25 minutes away from the Ubud center, is wondrous.


7. Go to Bali Zoo

having fun with animals in bali zoo

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riding elephant in bali zoo

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Your next list about what to do in Bali with kids is visiting Bali Zoo. It is home to diverse tropical plants and endangered animals such as mammals, birds, and reptiles. Don’t miss on a chance to greet the cute orangutans while enjoying a nice breakfast at the zoo. Other well-recommended activities you can do with the children are riding elephant and pony, taking a photograph session with animal babies, and trying a thrilling outbound adventure.


8. Play with Water at Waterbom Water Park

bali waterbom park

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Another fun way to spend a couple of weeks in Bali with kids is to do some water activities at Waterbom Water Park. The attraction, matching with family travelers, highlights numerous fantastic water slides like the Boomerang. Some water plays areas for babies, as well as toddlers, are also provided. The water balloon and Euro Bungy are worth trying. The on-site restaurant serving Balinese and Western cuisine is where you can have an amazing lunch.


9. Test The Adrenaline at Bali Treetop Adventure Park

kids fun in bali treetop adventure park

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Having no idea on what to do in Bali for 10 days with kids? You must include the Treetop Adventure in your “must-see spot” list for your kids’ unforgettable experience. There are plenty of worth-trying adrenaline activities such as zip-line adventure, Tarzan swings and jumps, skateboard on a zip-line, flying fox, and much more. Surrounded by a tropical garden loaded with lush vegetation, the place is great to enjoy a breath of fresh air and refresh your mind.


10. Have a Local Dinner at a Beachside Restaurant

beachside restaurant in jimbaran

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Enjoying a romantic dinner with a sunset view is necessary on what to do in Bali honeymoon. However, you are still able to do so with your kids at the beachside restaurant. Instead of munching on French or Italian cuisine, tasting the local food bring your family feels the genuine Balinese culture. Some special Indonesian dishes like nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice), sate lilit (Balinese satay uniquely skewed with a lemon grass), and gado-gado (salad with peanut sauce) should be your main dining options.


11. Learn How to Make a Beautiful Offering

make a beautiful bali offering

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If your kids want to get to know more about Bali, take them to the local ladies. They will teach a lesson on how to make a traditional offering, often found in temples and houses. It’s a small coconut leave-woven basket filled with colorful flowers, traditional snack, and pandan leaves. Experiencing the genuine culture from the island of God truly opens their horizon about Indonesia.There are a lot of good attractions for your kids in Bali ranging from going adventure with the zip-line, greeting the orangutans at Bali zoo, to trying the delicious Balinese foods. Hope this guide about what to do in Bali with kids is helpful.Are you ready to discover Bali with the whole family next summer? Or you have another ideas to spend holiday with the kids? Share with us!