7 Unforgettable Travel Activity In Exotic South Africa That Make You Feels Like In Heaven

For those of you who like adventure activities while on vacation, South Africa is one of the mandatory destinations that you should visit! This country stores various kinds of interesting tourist charms, with its exquisite exoticism. Rich in natural beauty and history, South Africa also presents its own charm that you cannot find in other destinations. Adventure to Padang Savanna and Wildlife Park can be one of the unforgettable holiday activities for tourists visiting this country.

There are also various choices of destinations and other interesting tourist activities while on vacation to South Africa. Check the following recommendation of Travalogy.com!

1. Enjoy The Exotic Desert By Jeep Riding

desert jeep riding africa

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South Africa is indeed known for its amazing landscape. Not only safari, but you can also try other tourist activities to explore the beauty of South Africa. One of them is by way of the Namib wilderness. Interestingly, this location is one of the oldest deserts in the world. Here you can enjoy the beauty of truly charming orange sand while riding a jeep! If you want to get the best view on Namib, come just before sunrise or sunset. Or you can also play a little adrenaline by trying sandboarding.

2. Looking At African Penguin In The Boulder Beach 

african penguin boulder beach

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So far, South Africa is only synonymous with flocks of wild animals such as lions, giraffes, and elephants. However, do you know in this country, you can also find funny penguins? Yes, come to Boulder Beach to witness thousands of unique animal herds. Penguins who settled on Boulder Beach are an African type with a short and tiny body characteristic. In fact, they can swim quickly up to 24 km/hour! Surrounded by granite which is estimated to reach 540 million years, Boulder Beach is a popular destination for tourists who vacation to South Africa. Also know that the natural appearance of Boulder Beach is also very interesting because it consists of small coves, where the plain is filled with distinctive shrubs. Also nearby is False Bay which has clear water. To be able to take a vacation to the Boulder Beach area, you can just spend around 40-75 Rand.

3. Cultural Visit To Lesedi, A Local Tourism Village

cultural visit lesidi south africa

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When you are visiting tourist paradise in South Africa, do not forget to learn about the original culture. Take a schedule on your holiday agenda to go to the cultural tourism village in South Africa. This village is specifically dedicated to the local government for tourists who want to know the indigenous culture of African society. Later, visitors will be introduced to native cultural life, traditional dances, singing, dress styles, and other traditional performances. One of the South African cultural tourism villages that tourists often visit is Lesedi Tourism Village, which is near Johannesburg.

4. Amazing Luxury Travel Experiences In Sun City Resort South Africa

sun city resort south africa

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If you want to try a more exclusive travel experience while in South Africa, visit Sun City Resort. This is a luxury resort in the middle of the jungles of South Africa with a variety of interesting entertainment activities, such as golf, parasailing, and romantic dinners. Sun City Resort is also widely used as a honeymoon tourist destination for newly married couples. Are you the one who dreamed of being able to honeymoon here, travelers?

5. Diving Together With The White Shark

diving with shark south africa

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Have you ever imagined trying a diving experience around a tense big white shark? Well, if you like challenges like this, come to South Africa! Visitors will enter into a thick iron cage which is then sent to the middle of the ocean. Know, this challenging activity is indeed quite popular with enthusiasts who are increasing every year. You can do diving with white sharks on Seal Island, Mossel Bay, or Dyer Island. About the security, you don’t need to worry! Because the cage has been specially designed so it won’t be dangerous for divers who ride it. However, of course, only those who have certified certification can try this exciting activity. Dare to try, travelers?

6. Safari Adventure To Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of South Africa

safari adventure south africa

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Safari is one of the exciting activities that you must do while on vacation in South Africa! The experience of watching wildlife filled with giraffes, elephants, and lions in the open will instantly fascinate you. There are many national park tours or conservation areas that you can make choices when on vacation here. For example, the Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Masa Mara in Kenya. Also, understand that there is one important thing that you need to obey when you want to safari in the wild like this. Always follow safari guide directions so that your trip is safe and comfortable!

7. Rafting To See The Other Side Of South Africa In the Orange River

orange river rafting south africa

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South Africa is not only about savanna or wild animals. You can also try rafting on the Orange River to see the other side of South Africa. Usually, visitors can choose the type of tour, ranging from low to moderate levels. There is also a tour package that offers 1/2 day trips, even up to 6 days. Know that for a 6-day trip, the route traveled reaches 65-120 km. Later, every night, tourists will stop on the banks of the river, camp, and enjoy the scenery and beautiful atmosphere.

That’s 7 interesting activities that you can try to do while on vacation in South Africa. Which tourist activities are interesting for you? Or have you had a holiday experience in South Africa with unforgettable moments? Come on, share stories with each other in the comments column!

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