6 Fatal Mistakes That Must Be Avoided While Travelling To Singapore

As one of the developed countries with amazing travel activities, Singapore is now increasingly to be one of the favorite tourist destinations. Though it is not a big country, but its modern infrastructure yet delicious local food makes a lot of world traveller came for Singapore trip. However, Singapore is also known as “Fine City” with strict rules applied in this country. Of course, as a tourist, you must notice the rules before entering the country. Following are 7 fatal mistakes that should be avoided while you exploring Singapore city!

1. Crossing Through The Street Before The Green Light Lit

Crossing Through The Street Singapore

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Some countries might not apply a restrictive rules regarding crossing the street as Singapore do. You are required to wait the green light at a designated crosswalk to be able crossing the street in Singapore. Of course, although the street is empty, you are restricted to crossing the street if the red light is still applied. Note that in every corner of Singapore street has installed a CCTV as video surveillance. If you don’t make this rule, you may be fined up to SGD 500 per person. So, it is more wise if you pay attention to the country’s rules when you are visiting them. By doing so, you will also have a more pleasant holiday, and less trouble.

2. Consumed A Chewing Gum

Consumed A Chewing Gum- singapore

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Do you know if consumed a chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore? In fact, if it is discovered by local officers, they will not hesitate to impose a fine on you. Singapore hasn’t only banned chewing gum for consuming, but also in the selling process, manufacturing, and importing. One that allowed is only a health gum sold in the pharmacies. Singapore government believes this rules enforcement is effective for environmental cleanliness in Singapore. It may look a simple rule, but please note, if you break the rules, it will be ruined your pleasant travel agenda. Make sure you noted it!

3. Breaking The Queue At The MRT Train Station

Breaking Queue MRT Train Station

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Singapore using MRT (Mass Rapid Train) as their public transportation. It is considered as the most convenient yet effective and cheaper transportation in Singapore. But, please make noted there is also ethics while you waiting MRT in the train station. There are three sides in front of the MRT line: right, center, and left. Do not stand in the center side, because the passengers would come out the train through it. You can make a queue in the right or left side. Then, you also have to wait until all the passengers out, before you can get into the MRT. Remember, no need to rush and do not push each other passengers to prevent the incidents while waiting MRT.

4. Pick The Wrong Door While Getting On-Off The Bus

wrong bus door singapore

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As a high discipline developed country, Singapore also make a designated bus stopping area. You must be noticed there is also special rules when bus passengers getting on-or-off the bus. The right way to ride the bus is by entering to the front door, then tap your EZ Link machine beside the driver. Then, re-tap your EZ Link before you get out of the bus through the middle door. Please also do not forget to ring the bell near your seat before getting off at a certain bus stop destination.

5. Thrown Away The Garbage In The Public Places

thrown away garbage singapore

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Singapore is known as a clean developed country in Asia Pacific. You will not find the garbage strewn around the streets and other crowded public places. The local government may be fined you a large amount If you are caught littering the street. In fact, canning punishment will be applied If you do the vandalism around the city. So, make sure you are always throwing the garbage in a designated place. Then, notice that you are also required to clean up your own tray rubbish after enjoying fast food in Singapore.

6. Feeding Wild Animals In The Singapore Street


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If you are planning to visit a national park in Singapore and find some cute animals around, please don’t give them a good. The local government is really concerned with the health of these animals. If they are feeding by human strangers, it might be not suitable for the animal food consumption. The rules also related to the local environment cleanliness. In fact, some local officers will pay attention to the tourists who want to violate the rule and fined them up. So, please be a wise traveler!That’s 7 fatal mistakes that you should avoid in Singapore. Please make sure you don’t violate the rules that have been mentioned above If you want a pleasant holiday in Singapore. If you have another information or experiences about Singapore local rules that should avoided by tourist, please share in the comment section below!

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