5 Unique Culinary Experiences For Your Next Dubai Vacation

While traveling abroad, not only local natural beauty you may enjoy. But also its culinary tourism as the most exciting activity. Tasting a variety of unique culinary delights from the area while enjoying the atmosphere, will certainly be a memorable experience. It’s the same as when you are planning a vacation to Dubai.

Do not miss the moment to taste a variety of culinary tours that are very delicious! Dubai, located in the Arabian Peninsula, is indeed known as a magnificent megapolitan city, which is one of the shopping and culinary centers.

Don’t just taste ordinary food, you can try this unique culinary experience while in Dubai.

1. Taste The Authentic Indian Culinary At Joshi Restaurant Dubai

Authentic Indian Culinary Joshi Restaurant Dubai

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The trip becomes memorable when you have the opportunity to try out a variety of unique activities in the country you are visiting. Including when tasting Indian specialties at this popular restaurant in Dubai. Serving Indian specialties, Joshi Restaurant has been opened since 1969. In fact, until now the original owner is still managed, namely Kaku Maharaj. The location is in the bustling Bur Dubai area. If you stop by here, you should taste Bombay Pav Bhaji, which is a menu of processed fried vegetable curries with soft rolls. In addition, there is also a Kachori menu, a typical Indian snack made of flour and a filling dough in the form of green beans with spices. Yummy!

2. Fresh Seafood Cooked In An Open Kitchen Fish Market Dubai

fresh seafood dubai

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While on holiday to Dubai, you can try to taste a variety of fresh seafood preparations at Fish Market. Uniquely, visitors can choose their own type of seafood and see how to cook it directly here. This fresh seafood variety is even on display on ice cubes, the sauce can be chosen according to the tastes of each visitor. For example, red curry sauce, egg yolk curry, or red chili sauce. Also, know that this place has also won an award in Dubai. Inspired by traditional markets in Thailand, this restaurant has been popular since it first opened in 1989. Are you interested in coming here, travelers?

3. Luxury Dining Experience In The Highest Building Burj Khalifa Dubai

luxury burjh khalifa dining dubai

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Another unique culinary experience that you can try while on vacation to Dubai is to eat in a building that is as high as reaching the sky. One of the popular restaurants serving experiences like this in Dubai is At.mosphere. This is a contemporary fine dining restaurant located on the 122nd floor in the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa.

There are many delicious food menus offered when dining here, from casual breakfasts, elegant afternoon tea, formal dinners, or just relaxing while drinking in the lounge. The luxury experience of tasting high-flavored food against a backdrop of breathtaking views of the city of Dubai will truly be a holiday experience that you will never forget!

4. Joining Frying Pan Adventures Culinary Tours To Taste Local Foods More!

frying pan culinary dubai

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If you are a culinary lover, then it is very obligatory to try this one culinary tour while on vacation in Dubai. Named Frying Pan Adventures, this tour was spearheaded by two culinary lovers, Arva, and Farida Ahmed. Later, participants who take this tour will explore the small streets to find the best culinary and snack foods in Dubai.

The tour will also provide an overview of the importance of the port for traders around the world who descend to bring recipes from generation to generation for Dubai residents. In addition, by participating in the Frying Pans Adventure, you can also get a chance to taste a variety of delicious culinary delicacies prepared directly by Arva and Farida Ahmed. Starting from giant Iraqi grilled fish, Moroccan tagines, or delicious Indian snacks! Tour participants can also explore the local market and buy local food served traditionally. It’s exciting!

5. Camel Riding And Exotic Dinner In Central Dessert

camel riding and desert dinner dubai

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The holiday agenda to Dubai is not complete if you don’t try to dine in the middle of the desert. You can try this unique experience by coming to Al Sahra Resort, which is located in the middle of a vast desert. An authentic holiday experience that presents a dazzling backdrop of the desert will certainly be an unforgettable holiday experience to Dubai for you! The food menu tried consists of traditional barbeque to buffet dinner.

Visitors who come in addition to being served a delicious dinner, can also simultaneously enjoy the other interesting Dubai local cultures. Like music performances, riding camels, or trying henna paintings in hand. Does that sound so interesting to try?

Those are some recommendations for a unique culinary experience that you can try on your vacation to Dubai. Which experience makes you most curious? Or do you have a dream culinary destination when you are on vacation in Dubai? Please share your story in the comments field!

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