5 Most Unique Museum In The World You Must Visit Before You Die!

Travalogy.com – 5 Most Unique Museum In The World You Must Visit Before You Die!

Traveling to a museum might be less attractive to some people. However, occasionally playing to the museum can be an exciting and fun tourism agenda, you know! Besides being able to learn a variety of new things that might not be known before, you can also watch a variety of important historical items. In fact, in some museums, you can find strange and unique things that you might never have imagined before! Make you curious, right? Well, here are Travalogy.com recommendations regarding the 5 most unique museums in the world.

1. Avanor Hair Museum, Cappadocia, Turkey

avanor hair museum cappadocia turkey

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One of the most unique museums in the world has collections that you really never imagined before, namely strands of women’s hair that depend on the walls and ceiling of the building. At the beginning of 1979, a pottery shop owner named Chez Galip had a female friend who had to go to Avanos. His friend then cut a few strands of hair as memories stored in a pot made by Galip. This was done to reduce sadness after the woman’s friend leaving. Since then, every female consumer who came to Galip’s shop also cut their hair and put the hair on the wall. Until now, there have been 16,000 women who have left their beautiful hair in this unique museum.

2. Siriraj Medical Museum, Thailand

medical museum thailand

Source: Bangkok.com

Maybe this museum will make you cringe on your first visit. How come? The Siriraj Medical Museum stores a variety of scary collections, ranging from skeletal bones, fetuses or preserved body parts. In fact, you can also see the appearance of a damaged human lung organ, and a brain that is bleeding. Also, the most visited collection at the Siriraj Medical Museum is the body of Si Quey, a famous serial killer in 1950. This Quey killed many young children and then ate their meat. After being executed, the body of Si Quey was preserved as a mummy and displayed as one of the most unique museum collections in the world. Well, even though the various collections in this museum are quite scary, this museum is actually built on the basis of medical research needs, travelers. Dare to come here during a holiday to Thailand?

3. International Toilets Museum, New Delhi, India

toilet museum new delhi india

Source: DailyMotion

This tour offers up to hundreds of ancient toilet specimens from all over the world. Ranging from luxury toilets used by kings and queens, and toilets that Queen Victoria has used from England decorated with beautiful paintings and high-quality porcelain, everything you can find here. The oldest toilet collection in the International Museum of Toilets is an antique toilet dating from 2500 BC. Not only ancient toilets, but you can also find sophisticated toilets with the latest technology from Japan. This toilet even has a special electric power machine that is able to automatically burn dirt. Being in New Delhi India, the International Museum of Toilets can be one of the unique museum tourist destinations that you can visit. Are you interested in visiting this museum, travelers?

4. Museum of Bad Art, Massachusetts, USA

museum of bad art massachusetts usa

Source: museumofbadart.org

All of this time, common museums only store beautiful paintings that come from the work of famous artists. It is different from the Museum of Bad Art because they display works of art that should be considered ugly. The museum itself was built in 1994 by Scott Wilson. The idea of making a bad artwork museum comes after showing a painting that he found in a trash can to his friends. Thanks to their advice, Wilson then built a museum whose contents are a collection of discarded works of art. This museum was built with the aim of appreciating the work of failed artists. A very unique concept, isn’t it, travelers?

5. Chinsekikan Museum, Chichibu, Japan

chinsekikan museum chichibu japan

Source: JapanTimes

The most unique museum in the world is located in Japan, precisely in Chichibu. The uniqueness of this one collection of museums can be seen from a row of collections of rocks that have the appearance of a human face. The museum room in this place does not look very big, but inside it turns out its stores around 1,700 stones! While 900 stones have faces that are exactly like humans. Some resemble ET, Presley, Elvis, Boris Yeltsin, and even Jesus. It is said that this museum has been run by two generations which is quite popular in Chichibu and other cities around it. Until now, the Chinsekikan Museum continues to search for new collections of rocks with strange shapes to be displayed in the museum.

Well, that’s the 5 most unique museums in the world that you can make a reference for your next tourist destination. If you like unique anti-mainstream tourist destinations, maybe you can visit one of the many museums while visiting the country. If you have other unique museum references that are worth visiting or have an unforgettable experience when visiting a museum that is quite unique while on vacation, let’s share it in the comments column!

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