5 Important Things That You Need To Know Before Take A Holiday To Toronto Canada

When talking about the tourist destinations in Canada, Toronto became one of the cities that you must visit while on holiday to Canada. As a major economic and cultural center, Toronto is getting interesting as the first city to develop a national policy of multiculturalism. No wonder, with all its uniqueness, many world tourists makes Toronto as a destination for a vacation. Well, if you plan to vacation in Toronto, Canada, do not forget to consider and knowing the following first!

1. Cultural Diversity In Toronto Is Amazing!

toronto canada cultural diversity

Source: Visit Canada

Do you know the culture in Toronto is so diverse? Along the road in Toronto, you can meet local people who communicate with each regional local language, such as Irish, Filipino, Italian, and Mandarin. In fact, according to the census in Canada during 2006, there are 200 ethnic and even more across the city of Toronto. Indirectly, the language diversity in Toronto will enriched the culture which including of 140 languages ​​and dialects in their social life. And not only that, Toronto is also picked as a city that ranks second as the most multicultural city in the world. In general, English is still the most widely used in Toronto. However, local residents are also communicating with Italian, Chinese, and Portuguese. Isn’t it unique, travellers?

2. Toronto Local Culinary Recommendations, From Light Snacks To Lunch Cuisines.

toronto local food recommendation

Source: Canada Culinary

It feels incomplete when you take a holiday somewhere but did not taste the local cuisine! Well, you can come to Cora’s. It is a local restaurant serving Canada authentic specialties which located near Stadium Blue Jay. There are a variety of cuisine that you can try for breakfast, lunch, or just for a snack food. Be prepared also to take a long queue, as this place is always crowded, both with tourists and locals.

Then, travelers also can visit the Scaddabush which serves Italian food specialties, such as steak, pasta, and salads. Alternatively, if you are craving for sweet culinary as a light snack, try to stop by Nadege Patisserie. It is an ice cream shop, as well as the fresh bread that is located next to Park Trinity Bellwoods. Picnic in the park while eating ice cream would be a pleasant vacation experience to refresh your mind like a local do.

3. Best Travel Spot For The Travelers To Enjoying Both City Iconic Places And Local Shopping Tour In Toronto.

iconic places and shopping spot in toronto

Source: Kensington Market

Still confused looking for another attractive tourist spot in Toronto? Try to visit a local market there! Kensington Market or St. Lawrence became a favorite destination for travelers who want to see how the local people’s lives on daily basis. In both markets, travelers may find it interesting because it is different from the common tourist activity. For example, you can pay attention to how transaction process between local residents and the merchants, find some vintage goodies, getting to know about the local grocery ingredients.

Do not be afraid to explore the various local markets in Toronto, because the atmosphere is very comfortable, and of course safe for travelers. You can taste the local cuisine or snacks while checking around these two markets. You’ll be amazed too when finding a local fruits and vegetables that are really fresh! Best time to visit there is on weekends.

However, if you only have 24 hours in Toronto, CN Tower is one of the iconic landmarks that should be on your travel list. It is the highest tower in the city that will enable you to enjoy the view of the city from the heights. Alternatively, you could also choose to explore the area at the bottom of the tower where you can find a variety of local shops line up, or just chilling in the park. If you love shopping, Eaton Center is the right sweet spot for a shopping destination in Toronto. Travelers can find a wide range of good quality fashion goods and unique home interior decoration. Well, that is a few iconic travel places in Toronto you must visit. Just picked travel activities which fit to your interest!

4. Public Transportation Alternatives In Toronto.

toronto public transportation

Source: Visit Canada

A good public transportation is one of the important aspects to make tourist feel more safe and comfortable during their vacation trip. Do not worry, travelers! While you are visiting Toronto, it will provide you with many choices of transport to explore every bit corner of the city. If you have a budget, rent a car in toronto is a good option for getting around the town.

However, if the traveler does not want to be bothered with the car parking matters, Uber is also available in the town. Or you could pick a subway and several bike rental points in every corner of the city. Then, when you are planning to hop on to the next island around Toronto, a small ferry is the right alternatives for your transportation.

5. Want To Get An Instagram Scenic Photography On Your Toronto Vacation? Visit These Places!

natural scenic places toronto

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In the social media era nowadays, a holiday without making an artistic photo would feel incomplete. If you are instagrammers who loves to take a photo content while traveling, Toronto will give you many amazing spots. Exploring every corner of this city will also make you more fascinated by the beauty of Toronto as a metropolitan city. Or you may also visit Central Toronto Island to finding a natural scenic place for your next Toronto photography destination.

While the fashionista could visit the District Mode, which filled with many paintings and street artworks. Of course, the place is quite popular among youth people who are looking for instagram photos.

That is the most 5 important things that you need to know before take a holiday to toronto Canada. Do you have any tips, tricks, and exciting experiences while on vacation in Canada? Or had a dream destinations you want to visit when taking a holiday to Canada? Let’s share your amazing story in the comments section below!

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