5 Best Romantic Honeymoon Travel Destinations In Santorini, Greece

Travalogy.com – When you are talking about romantic tourist attractions which presents a natural beautiful scenery, of course, there are a lot of the best places in the world. One of them is Greece. Exotic, as well as stunning, Santorini became the primary destinations for honeymoon couples in Greece. As a pretty small island, Santorini located in Cyclades, right around 200 km from the southeast of Greece mainland. You’ll also be amazed by the beauty of blue lagoon that is directly connect to Aegean Sea, and the interesting white architecture buildings row in Santorini!

Followings are some exciting ideas for your Santorini honeymoon travel agenda.

1. Fira Santorini’s Capital City With Loads Of Historical Story And Beautiful Yet Amazing Natural Scenery

natural scenery fira greece

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Who says a historical travel destination can’t be a pleasant agenda for your honeymoon vacation as a couple? Fira, a capital city of Santorini which located in a 400 meters altitude is a must-visit! With its truly amazing, yet beautiful lagoon, the dominance of white tropical building rows, and breathtaking natural view around there makes the city looks more stunning!

Learn local historical story with your loved one by visiting two popular museum called Thera Prehistoric Museum and Thera Archaeological Museum. Although there are buses, taxis, or cable car as public transportation, the best way to explore and get around in the city is to walk down every corner.

2. It’s A Beach Time! Find Unique Black Sand In Kamari Beach With Your Loved One

black sand kamari beach

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If you want to have a exotic yet romantic honeymoon atmosphere, Kamari Beach must be on your itinerary list! It is a popular tourist destinations for couples who loves to spend quality time together to see amazing sunset. Local people believes the name itself formed as a respect to the God of Poseidon.

Located at the southern of Santorini, you’ll find unique black sand around the Kamari Beach which made by volcanic ash eruption. Interesting, right? Definitely, it will be you and your partner unforgettable romantic getaway!

3. Make A Visit To Pyrgos, A Tourism Village To Find Amazing Local Heritage Historic Building

historical village pyrgos

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Uniquely, the islands are made by the remains of the caldera volcanoes which form its six beautiful islands. However, only two of the six are inhabited islands, named Thira (Santorini) and Theresia. Another four small uninhabited islands is namely as Aspronisi, Palaia Kameni, Nea Kameni, and Christiana.

Mind that Santorini honeymoon vacation feels incomplete if you haven’t visited Pyrgos. It is one of the tourism village presents amazing natural scenery and interesting local history. Located near the city center of Santorini, it is about 8 kilometers from Fira. With your loved one, you can enjoy the ancient buildings in Pyrgos, and also see a romantic candle lights at the Holy Trihari. This local celebration is usually held on Good Friday and before the week of Easter. You can imagine how festive this amazing festival!

4. Finding Minoan Civilization in Akrotiri

minoan civillizatin akrotiri

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Located at the south of Santorini island, Akrotiri is a right place to visit if both of you would love knowing about local historical sites. You’ll see the history of Minoans civilization there. Furthermore, Minoan itself were the original inhabitants who lived in Akrotiri since 5000 BCE.

Unfortunately, due to Thera volcanic eruption occurred in 1627 BCE. Hence, it makes the city whole area is covered by volcanic ash. Then, in 1867, the ruins were rediscovered by Ferdinand Fouque, a French geologist. At Akrotiri, tourists are only able to find the city ruins because of all the historical artifacts have been moved to the Thera Prehistoric Museum.

5. Enjoying An Enchanted Beautiful Sunset In Oia With Your Partner

sunset in oia greece

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This beautiful little town located in the northern tip of the island of Santorini. Formerly, the city is namely as Apano Meria. In fact, to this day the locals still refer to it as Pano Meria. Meanwhile, city residents often call this city the name Apanomerites.

Similar to Fira, here you and your partner can see various kinds of buildings with a white color distinctive architectural style of the Cyclades. Other interesting tourist destinations that you can visit in Oia is  the Church of Panagia, Captain’s House, Windmill or Weaving Mill, as well as Thera Maritime Museum.

Last, don’t forget to take your time to go to Serenade Point, a popular tourist spot in santorini to enjoy a moment of exotic sunset.

Well, that’s five interesting tourist destinations for your Santorini honeymoon vacation. You can use two different modes of transportation to reach Santorini from Athens, The first is by ferry boat which takes about 4 to 5 hour trip. Furthermore, you can use aircraft transportation, then followed by taxi, bus or rental car to explore the city.

If you have other travel destination ideas, please share in the comment section below!

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